Neighborhood Radius Mailers

What We Offer

Awesome Features

• Customized design
• Full color printing front & back
• Personalized with the neighbor’s name
• Mailing list
• Addressing
• First class paid postage through the USPS

Turn one customer into more around your job sites!

  • Mail to the neighborhoods you are already working in. You will reach prospective customers with the same demographics and likely the same needs.
  • Personalized with the neighbor’s name along with highlighting your current job’s street/address.
  • Neighbors probably have already noticed your vehicles in front of the current job.
  • Include a special discount while “in the neighborhood” to encourage quick response.
  • Just give us the address of your current job and we will develop the mailing list.
  • We offer different sizes to fit your business’s budget.
  • Custom designed postcards for your business and message.
  • Two mailings per month available.

As long as people have homes, those homes will need repairs and improvements.

Call Today (925) 263-2351 or email for all the details and a special introductory offer!